Thursday, June 2, 2011

More british Wip

So more British, and more experminenting with Ink, last time I had finished the trousers then aplied the ink and painted back over, this time I painted a base coat of dark blue grey, then dunked the trousers in ink, and painted uniform gray over it leaving creases, and finnaly highlight of mid grey.

I think the resualt was pretty ok, it's amazing the detail ink lets so you, this means as you can see in the pictures that every small crease and fold is shown,

Half way there. I also got news that my 40x45mm bases from litko is shipped, so with in two weeks I can base this british unit, and 4 french battalions.

I've decided to try a small game, a brigade of British infantry 3 battalions strong, a prussian brigade of 4 battalions with cav suport, a British cav brigade, and a british batter, the french will be 6 battalions strong in 2 brigades, 1 battery, and a brigade of cav.

BUT I'm still in WW2 mood, so I'm gonna give this battle a ww2 flare. The cav will only be usefull in guarding the flanks because this is gonna be hedgerow hell type battle, for each inch of ground one side takes, they will pay dearly, artilleri will be hard to use, but becasue the map is to tight with hedges and trees, a battalion risk moving right into a battery at point blank range once they clear a hedge.

The only thing I have to do, is to finish the british unit, base the french battalions, finish the prussian reserve infantry.

Thats it, I should have enough generals to do this battle.


Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Looking good, Wish I had the patience to paint like that!

mekelnborg said...

yeah, me too.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, I normaly have very short patience, but it works ok with painting, I still don't take the time it really takes, I'm a sloppy painter.