Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm still alive and russians

So just in case someone was wondering I'm alive, I was at home when the bombing happend, I did hear the explotion but thought it was thunder.
So far I know of no one personaly that died, but that might change, so far I know a guy that knew two that died in the explotion. But nobody from the island shooting.

Anyway I have done a little painting, it helps take the mind of the stuff that has happned.

Over the last 3 and half week I've painted some 1150 6mm figures. Thats quite alot. Some 800ish Baccus and the rest adler, I did finnish a single unit of russian baccus, but it've painted my self out of 6mm mood. For me atleat 6mm is quanity over quality, now don't get me wrong, I do my best when doing 6mm, but my best as 6mm is still prety basic.
It's basicly just aplying color to diffrent parts, brown musket, metal bayonet, skin, jacket, trousers, mabye braid on the shako ect. It's kinda mechanical, I do enjoy it, or I woudln't have painted over a 1000 of them in 3 weeks. But it's not art, it's industrial, 6mm is 50 000 Ford Mondeos on an asembaly line, 28mm is a F1 car, it's more art then machine. I'm no artist even with 28mm, but I do feel more creative when painting them.

So I decided to start on my 28mm Russians, I had about a dozen grenadiers painted, and about 60 infantry primed, but the figuers have been laying around so the primer has been chiped, and I wasn't happy with the paint job of the grenadiers, so I stripped the paint and started a new.

I'm painting them as jegers, all green uniforms, I used russian green from coat'd arms as the main color, then shaded with black green and highlight with olive, the olive worked really well, not only highlighting but weathering it to, making it look worned.

This is going to be a big 36 figure unit, I've tried to keep to 24 figure unit for reasons of table space, but I want a big nice unit, the other jegers will be 24, but with all 1:20 style rules like GdB and RtE it's fun to have units of diffrent sized, and it's part of the challange, how does a 24 figure unit stand up to a 36 or 42 figure unit ect.

I felt compeled to paint the eyes, as they were so well defined on the figures, it worked out prety well.

I've also orderd more foundry russians, they will be regular musketeers not jegers, and in greatcoats. I also orderd russian hussars. I have also taken the step to buy the foundry "authentic" russian green, it's very dark, but alot of russian expert use them on their russians, so I've jumped on the band wagon.

And I've started to dream about those Victrix early russians, they look cool, especaly the greandiers with those huge plums, and they are quite colorfull with all those diffrent colored facings, BUT they are EXPENCVIE AS HELL, £300+ for less then a division, and I would need french in bicorne, which leaves two options, victrix french in bicorne, that are cheap, but a pain in the ass to put togeather, and you need like 6 boxes to put togeather units in propper formations. the other option is Eureka but they are even more expencive then victrix metal, and technacly not empire but republic figures.

So this is somewere in the future, right now I have lots and lots of figures to paint, I got two more battalions of prussians, I got this battalion of russians, then mabye another one, and then 2 more russians in greatcoats, and russian hussars, and thats not even taking into acout the big order from warstore with lots of french and british.

Well thats all for now.


Andy McMaster said...

Glad to hear you're OK.

Keep on painting!

mekelnborg said...

Good luck in not being too close to the massacres. I was not alone in wondering how it affected you.

I just narrowly missed a bus bomb in Jerusalem a few years ago myself, and it's the sort of thing that makes you stop and think some.

Interesting about the particular green they are favoring. Uniforms nowadays fade in the rain and sun they are exposed to so I would think they would have it worse then, without ponchos. Also the guys whose uniforms are more faded act like that is cooler, like that makes them more veteran.

Gunfreak said...

Yeah I did airsoft for a few years, and eveybody was like "roll around in the mud and put you uniform out in the summer sun for a few weeks, to get the right look"