Friday, July 29, 2011

More russians

It's nice to really work on 6 and 6 figures doing them right, after paiting 60 and 60 figures,
Ofcourse 64 figures was one unit, so I could finish a unit a day, mabye even 1 and half, which ment I could do a division in a week, here on the other hand 6 if just one base, It's gonna take about a week to do this one unit, I got two more days of work ahead of me. I am going green blind tho, while the green is very nice to work with, easy to cover, easy to shade and highlight, it does got abit extreme with these jegers, I'm looking forward to doing some russian Artillerist with thier white breches, Also the artillery have red braid on thier kiwer which will make them look kinda cool. but this is russians after all they will need 6 guns, I did some calculation, a 6 gun battery will cover 36cm of my table, that ALOT 36cm out of 210cm, the really crazy part is that a russian division should actualy have 3!!!!! of these batteries, 1 12pdr and 2 6pdr, that would take up 108cm of my table, bearly leaving room to have any other figurs on it.

Also with the rules I've read no french single division would be able to take 3 batteries with 18 guns total, Guns are just to powerfull in most rules, and they should be, guns did the most killing, 18 gun models would be 36!!! real guns, thats is actualy a small grande battery, mabye if I got all my 8 french battalions in colum and just charged at the guns, they could get there and mabye take them out, but by that time 6 of the battalions would be gone, a single squadron of hussars could take the rest, my russian infantry could just be sitting around eating black bread and drinking vodka, brandy and more vodka.

No my table is to small for 3 batteries like that, if I had a 12x6 table, I could field a russian corps and french corps, sure that still means the russians got twice the guns as the french, but atleast the french got 16-30 battalions to take the punishment.

Anyway here are the 4 bases for far for the russians

I normaly either don't do or hide my drummers but since the jegers don't have any standards, I used the drummer as signal post to show the command base, it also got two officers in the front.

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