Saturday, August 6, 2011

Now for something completly diffrent

So this is one of the big 3 periods I really like but never seem to get started on. The other two are 7YW and ACW. ACW I've tried to do in 5 diffrent scales, 7YW in 3 diffrent scales.

Then we got this period, 30 years war, I did one unit, then bought some more figures but never got around to painting anymore, well I bought a "imperial regiment" box at my local store, for dacades, only warhammer was avalable in norway, then FOW came, and now, they stock a few boxes of plastics, Warlord games and Victrix, even warlord metal boxes, like Cremian and bolt action WW2.
Most of their stuff is pike and shot and roman stuff, but they also have some Napoleonics.
Natuarly the price is is norwegian, but with warlord beeing the most expencive of of the plastics, so the diffrence is only about 30kr or £3 thats VERY good normaly norwegians prices are from 50% to sevral times more expencive then the rest of the world, cars are about 4 times as expencive as in the UK and close to 6 times more then American car prices. Our food ect is 2-3 times more expencive, our alcohol is 2-5 times more expencive.
So the fact that I get boxes here that are only 30kr more expencive then directly from the source, saving money on shipping, thats actualy very competative.

I wanted a cuirassier unit two, but I'm saving up for something so I've hidded most of my money from my self.

Anyway this is going to be a huge unit, 36 musketeers and 16 pike and command, 52 figures, in total, if I ever finish it. I'm fankly not that happy with these, the idea was to make a short of generic merc unit, and a ragged one at that, so I gave them dark earthly tones to the clothes, thinking that mercs used civilan clothes, well turnes out TYW units were more colorfull then I thought. But now I've commited my self, so this unit just has to be this way, and I have to paint better units next time, the only unifom thing I gave them were bravarian blue sash and bravarian blue leggings. In the end this is a fantasy unit, can't hide that.

Also I find these very hard to paint, while I can do a decent Napoleonic soldier, these are just meh.

I think it's a mix of the clothes and the colors I've chosen.
The beige brown, is easy to shade but hard to highlight, I have to highlight with leather brown, the problem is I also got leather to paint, so the leather brown highlight and the leather kinda mixes and just looks wrong, I rectefied this by using dark leather on the pikemen, not sure if that's historic or not.

The faces are actualy very good, they arn't what you would call complicated, but they are very easy to get to look ok, just dark flesh, ink wash and light flesh, but I scrued up even this by glueing the hats on first, blocking the face. so I'm not gonna do that again.

So this unit is going to have 5 bases, 4 musketer bases each with 9 musketers, each base is 60x60mm, then one big pike base of 16 pike and command, this one is 7.5mmx7.5mm base.


Kronos said...

HEY!! you stole that line from my blog last week!!!!

lemarchant said...

Nice figures have you checked out the Father Tilly rules?

lemarchant said...

nice figures have you checked out the father tilly rules by stephen danes