Friday, August 26, 2011

Russians so far

So I've run out of Russians to paint, just as I got the foundry paints.

This is going to be one strange force, the first one painted are the ones in greatcoats, some year and a half ago, they are a totaly diffrent style from the one I use now, faces totaly diffrent ect.
Then not that long ago I painted one jeger unit, again diffrent style, faces diffrent, they are quite badly painted actualy I had an off week when I did them, the second big jeger unit, is more or less my current style, it got alot more detail then the first jeger unit, mostly thanks to a guy known as Greystreak, his wonderfull russians that I think is the definate russian 28mm out there, was perfect, I used his stuff as a painting guide, ofcourse I couldn't replicate his quality, but it did show me all the little detales needed to be painted, like the red stripe down the trousers of the jegers, a nice detal I added to the second jeger unit, not on the first, another was the red stirpes on the tassles on the short saber. Basicly these jegers had tonnes of more small details then the first.

But then I got the russian green from foundry, while I wasn't sure about them at first, after paint those last 6 figures, I'm actualy quite happy with it, the shade ect. don't show up on pictures, they look very nice in person under good light, a second bonus with this very dark green is that other colors stand out more, the red facings, the yellow shoulder straps ect. Red against this green looks very good.

Anyway this is the force so far, it's quite spread out, one battalion from one brigade, two battalions from the jeger brigade, and a single base from the last brigade. As well has half the artillery. No officers so far.

The first unit I painted for the russians, the first of a brigade of musketeers, this brigade is going to be all greatcoats, I got two more battalions on the way, as well as two generals.

Half the jeger brigade, one old and one new,

Artillery, or half of it anyway

Freshly painted, now the green just looks black here, but I did use all 3 colors in the triad, and while I'm not really sure what the point of the grene shade is, since it's basicly the same color as the main color, but the main color with the highlight looks really good in person.

Again the face looks crapy on the photo, but in person it looks fine and even got diffrent characters in there.

As I said I ran out of figures, so these guys are gone be alone until Foundry come back with 20 or 30% sale. I wanted to see just how much a single unit of 24 figues would cost, 65 fuckings pound, thats more then a unit of 24 front rank 40mm figures(alot more) It's really should be iligal to be that raw capitalistic, I'm sure Penn Jillete would be proud of them.


Damn I want to paint more figures with my new russian green, but I don't have any.


paulalba said...

A fine collection GF.

mekelnborg said...

Hey your link to Greystreak is a good idea to help pay him back in a small way for that influence, because it will strengthen his SEO and therefore his presence, but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment, so I can't see what you mean.

Maybe if he was in the blogroll?

Gunfreak said...

I don't think he has a blog, I've never seen a link to one, I've only seen pictures he has posted on forums

mekelnborg said...

I thought I recognized the name but not sure from where. Sounds like a TMP name, but there were never pics on there before. Probably better I don't see his since I just did 50 of my 100 Russians for 18C and they are not even to your level, so it would make me feel bad to see his. I did Hunter Green and no triads, and bunched them up in a sandwich bag to chip!