Monday, August 8, 2011

I need your money


Ok, I got a big thing going on,(not miniature related) and I need LOTS OF CASH.

So I'm selling stuff.
I wanted to do this by ebay but this is expencive stuff so they won't let me with out becomming a reputuble seller.

So I'm doing it this way, I'll post this blog post on the TMP market place.

I got two lots, both are worth quite alot of money.

1. 40mm AWI I hate to sell this becasue I love them, but they are probebly the most valuble collection I got.

The lots is a mix of sash and saber, front rank and minature service center.
There is a total of 138 painted figures all based. I've put the price at $6 pr. figure, that might sound like a lot since I'm not a great painter or pro painter, but these look quite ok, and since the price on avrage is $3 for unpainted 40mm, I think $3 for a paint job is quite resonoble.

But at $6 thats still $828 to make it easy I've put the price at $800, now shipping is going to be a bitch, norwegian post is corrupt and evil and the shipping is going to be atleast $100
BUT because of that I'm sweeteing the deal, untop of the 138 painted figures, you get 60+ unpainted AWI 40mm figures.

The breakdown is as follows.

24 figuers of 23rd fusiliers FR
24 figures of 33rd regiment of foot S&S
24 figures of von bose MSC
18 figures of 1st maryland FR
24 figures of 5th viginia S&S
18 figures of militia in hunting shirts. FR
6 militia in civilian clothes. S&S

One cannon with crew S&S
5 riflemen S&S
13 Militia in hunting shirts FR
12 militia in civilian clothing S&S this is the other part of the 6 painted, I never finished the unit.
30! FR miltia in fireing line

That should make the price of shipping less of an evil.

As said the price is $800 pluss atleast 100 more in shipping.

For pictures just look at my AWI and 40mm tags in the blog. should be plenty to see there.

OK next.

I'm selling all my 28mm Napoleoincs bought from reenforcment by post, they take up alot of room and they don't fit with what I'm doing in Napoleoincs now anyway. Has nothing to do with the quality.

I payed just $2 a figure for these, but it's quite alot of figures. As follows.

4 BIG battalions of 40 figures of Austrians in shako Thats 160 austrians.
4 battalions of french, 3 32 figure and 1 40 figure 136 French, these are full dress 1809 style with black gaiters, these are damaged with sevral bayonets broken, I've fixed some of them with varried degrees of succsess,(this means discount for you the buyer)
3 Peninsula British battalions, 2 32 figures and 1 24 figures. 88 figures
2 battalions of prussian line infantry post 1813 uniforms, both 24 figures total 48

This is 432 28mm figures paited by the pro's at reenforcement by post, at $2 a pop thats $864
Because they are used(well not very used) and mostly becasue of damaged french I'm selling them for $500 pluss shipping, which is again going to be atleast $100

If you got lots of money give me a shout in the comments, and will sort things out, payment is done by paypal, first the price of the order, then I'll go down and see how much the shipping is going to be, then I'll go back and tell you the shipping price to.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gunfreak. I will take your 25mm Napoleonics unless someone else has picked them up. Please email me at

Thanks. Michael

Gunfreak said...

Sent you a mail