Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ok, sale so far

Ok, this is the deal so far.

All the Napoleoincs got sold fast and to one guy, I have to unbase them, which is a bitch and takes a long time, but they should be done by next week and ready so ship, beeing loose figures I hope to get the shipping cost down a little.

With the AWI it's a diffrent story, I know 800 would be ALOT for one, so I got a request for dividing the figures, I'm lazy guy so I wanted to just send them to one guy, but can't have everything.

So now all my painted Americans are sold, 4 units of painted americans.

This means I now have 2 british and one hessain left on the painted side, price for those are $432
Now that I have to devide my sale, the free unpainted figures are no longer free.

That means that I got 18 FR militia in hunting shirts, $45
I got one gun with crew americans from S&S $15
12 S&S milita $24
25 British infantry in roundabout and cut down hat, $45
30 FR american militia in fireing line. $75

FR are priced at $2.5 pr. figure, S&S are prices just under $2 pr figure.

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mekelnborg said...

Shipping rates are crazy, I saw someone send out a normal box, but full of stuff, from here that was $80 to ship overseas, but I also just sent a few 1/72s over to Peter in Belgium and it was less than two dollars in a padded envelope with little weight. I was shocked it was so reasonable.