Sunday, August 7, 2011

More TYW

So I finished the central pike block, I was gonna do it with 16 figures, but I wanted the command to stand more out, so I dropped two pikemen and let the command stand in front alone.

I used a generic Imperial standard simply to show it's an imperial unit.
So, So far I've painted 8 musketeers, 2 command and 12 pikemen, Still need 28 musketeers.

I've also been thinking of which rules to use, the strongest contender so far is Carnage and glory, others is waiting for blackpowder pike and shot, then you got the under the father tilly.

The plan is to either use this as a single unit in the gusvasons style that became standard later on, or I can combine it with 4 other units to make a Tercio, the tercio would be huge, 4 pike bases, of 48 figures surrounded by 72 shotte a total of 120 figures, thats alot, and FAR FAR into the future, for all I know after painting this one unit I might get bored fast like last time.

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