Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Militia

Well another base done, the figurs are fantastic, love them, and while I love them in just shirts, I do think there is a slight unhistoric thing to them, from what I've rember back then and well into the 19th centuary, a man did not go out in just a shirt, it was conciderd underwear, you needed a vest at minimum. But that is small potatoes, they look very good, I did add a little color to the command base, the officer got a nice blue vest, the drummer got a red vest, and one of the milita got a yellowish breachers. but there is still mostly gray and white.

I really like how the shirt came out on the standard barer, I got the folds just right.

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mekelnborg said...

I see what you mean with the folds. That guy with the bandaged feet looks like he's about to puke, especially in the first one. Probably not an uncommon way to feel with the redcoats right there asking for it.