Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So I'm selling my 40mm AWI but I got lots of 28mm AWI, and infact I just got an package from perry with more.

So these are southern milita in shirt sleaves, I love these guys, and I recomended for anybody wanting to find the right mix of gray/white for shade and highlight, they got great shirts with deep folds to shade, these are mostly white, white shirts and breeches, with some gray breeches and brown and gray vests.

I really like the shade effect on both the white and the gray.

Also I got 18 finished 40mm ACW, if anybody want them the cost $108 pluss shipping. they are on top of the 40mm lables, so you can see if you like them, also I got some 70 un painted ones that I can paint up, at $6 a figure, so any number of figure between 12 and some 70 rebs can be painted for money, I also have some 20-30 Union to that can be painted if you want them, same price.

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