Thursday, August 25, 2011

Russian artillery

So I havn't been doing much of anything of late, I did the last base for the 36 figure russian jeger battalion, I tried to use the authentic russian green triad from foundry. In the end I used the highlight green as main green color, and just shaded them with the russian green. Now a great effect.

So I treid it again with some artillerists, and the resault was alot better.

Anyway here is the old style artillery, both the gunners and gun is painted with just random colors I had.

And here is the new version, russian green for the gunners, and aple green for the gun. with bronze barrle triad for the tube.

Here the old on the left and new on the right.

It's gonna take some time to paint this 6 gun battery.

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paulalba said...

Hi GF,
I like the lighter effect on both the gun and the figures. I think I will be on my own with this as the darker on the uniforms at least will be more true to life.

No matter what you decide on at least you have 2 done!!!
Happy painting