Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why I should never become a Cavalry General

So we had another game today, The very historic battle, were the french and prussians teamed up against russians and british.

It was a rather big battle, really to big for the table which was 8x6, actualy the table was fine, we just put to much stuff on it.

This time we did try and class some units not just as line, my highlanders got to be vetran, prussian death dead hussars got to be elite, the french dragoons were vetran, and my poor poor russians were second line, so was the landwehr and reserve.

We were four players, one took mostly prussians, the other took the french, on the other side we had one player with russians and a british battery, While I took the british inf and cav, The russians also got suport of a single british light dragoon regiment.
So I controled 5 British infantry and a light and heavy dragoon regiment.

The french/prussians were kinda attacking we were kinda defending. But in the end we both kinda attacked each other in the middle.

My cav was holding the right flank, infornt of my two cav regimetns were 3 regiments of french cav, and 5 battalions of french line.
Basicly my cav was a plug holding up this horde, I was expecting to be over run any minture, either they would advance in square and shoot me down, or they would charge my cav with their cav, My heavies were infornt, but I could not charge their cav with out hitting the square, so I tried a fancy thing, I changed formation of my heavies, to colum of sqaudron, and then sent my light through the heavies. my idea was that my lights would chage sacreficing them self, leaving the enemy cav weakened, I would then use my heavies to punch through the enemy cav, if I beat the first regiment, it would retreat through the other cav, disordering them, leaving my heavies to mop up 3 regiments.

Well that didn't work, when you interprenitrate you have to get 8+ on the dice for not getting faultering. ofcourse I got like 3 or 4, not even close. So my light cav was faulting and my heavies were faulting, easy target for the enemy cav, and wola, my flank was gone, luckely my british infantry did not get faced by this and stood their ground.

On the russian side, we lost control as those 24 prussian jeger skirmishes got sevral hits on a russian battery, sending it retreating, it was basicly what was holding that flank, but the russians stood, tried a charge, the light dragoons on russian flank got beaten by the elite death head hussars, But the hussars ran behind their lines after the fight, theyby avoding getting hit with 12pdr canister. We ended it there, I had been very lathardic with my british infanty, they never got to fire a shot, and only lost soldiers to artillery. The only fireing I did was with my 7 Rifles, they did not get that many hit, but did togeather with the british artillery some damage to the french line, the artillery twice got double six, giving the french faulter statues, basicly cloging up the attack in the center against my brits.

So it was kinda a stalemate, My british were about to be over run, with my 5 battalions against 10 french and 3 regiments of horse. ofcourse beeing brtish, and in line, and a couple of vetran units, the french would have been very bloodied by the attack. But I do think number would with the day, On the russian side, no unis were lost, the artillery was back in place, while the light dragoons had lost sevral tropers and were retreating, they were not routing, and probebly would be back. The russians had started to take casualties. but that 12 pdr battery would do alot of damge if some one got with in canister range.

So A victory for the french/prussians, but not in any way decisive atleast not when we ended it, had we spent another hour, the victory might have been complete, but probebly bloody.

Ofcourse my camera/cell died out because of the battery. So only a few pictures of the first couple of rounds-

At the Start



The french only got a few skirmishes, while the prussians got a whole a battalion in skirmish order.

The sole british solder to get into it, the rifles.

Horde of prussians

French with skirmishes infornt.

Choosen Men. They lost 3 rifles fast, but then the last 4 hung on the rest of the game, scoring a few hits.