Saturday, October 8, 2011

More KGL and some more musings

So Another base done, this one is in fireing pose, I have noticed that Perry british are alot easier to get to geather then Victrix, Goes much faster.

I did have problems fitting the fireing figures to the base, it got very crowded.

Also I'm very sad, it had dawned on me over the last few weeks, that I'm no loger a 15mm Wargamer. I looked at my lables, Only 60 15mm post, while the 28mm are now well over 100.

I have always thought of my self as a 15mm Wargamer first anything els second. But now I'm almost never painting 15mm, espacaly 15mm Napoleoincs. It's sad, it was what I've started with at first I was just going to do 28mm for AWI useing perries. Then it snowballed on me, but it became clear I wasn't a very good 28mm painter, so I just stoped painting them. But I've gotten better and now my my 28mm are genraly higher standard then my 15mm.

So I'm no longer a 15mm wargamer first, which is stupid, since my table is to small for any propper 28mm battle.

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tim said...

Well, whether you're a "15mm gamer" or a "28mm Gamer"... Your latest 28m figures sure look nice!!