Thursday, November 3, 2011

Painting slump AGAIN, and cash flow problem

So I'm still trying to sell my AWI 40mm figures, my ebay auction is ending in 5 minutes and no takers.

I have to finish my Prussian unit to, but I just don't feel like painting. I got so many figures to paint but never feel like painting them, I got 15mm, I got 6mm, I got 10mm, I got 28mm, in sevral periods.

I got samurais to paint, Napoleoincs, 7YW, I got a bunch of AWI 28mm to paint.
I just don't have the want to paint. my 7yw figures are just to make money, so no project there, AWI is so so far from beeing playable I have problems beeing inspired, same with my samurais.
I got bored painting my WSS figures, even tho I'm alsmost done with my british battalion.

I also have problems getting money, I've had alot of bills of late, coupled with some video and computer games I bought.

I was hopeing to sell my 40mm AWI, that would give my some spending money. But nobody wants them, poor fellows.

Damn, when I don't paint, there are to many hours in the day.

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Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Chin up mate. We all got through the dry spell now and then. Hope things pick up for you soon .. Like ny old Dad says "Keep a straight face and ya laughing"