Monday, November 14, 2011

Very early review of Blue moon Napoleonics

So I'm painting them up right now, so this is not a finished review, just first impressions of bare metal and primed figures.

I got them, today took less then a week for them to get here from the US, thats not bad, I orderd only enough for a single unit, it was 30 fusliers, 12 elite and 12 command, that actualy leaves quite a few figures left after 36 figures are used. I got 10 fusiliers and 8 command left over, infact I found out I actaly only need 1 command pack pr 3 battalions. I don't know if the command packs are random or not, but this command pack worked out to exactly 3 offciers, 3 sergants, 3 eagles barers and 3 drummers, I use one of each pr. battalion. that works out perfectaly to 3 battalions on one command pack. I also use excatly one elite pack pr. battalions, it that makes things kinda easy to work out. Fusiliers, I use 20 fusiliers pr. battalion, with 30 figures in each pack, that leaves 10 over pr. battalion, but that means if I buy 2 fusiliers packs I get 3 battalions worth of fusiliers. So if I want 3 battalions I need 2 packs of fusiliers, 3 elite packs and 1 pack of command. The price of this is $58 pluss shipping thats a prety good price if you ask me.

The same 3 battalions of AB would cost almost exactly $100, so almost half price, and I'm prety damn sure it would be well under half price when shipping comes into the mix.

But enough about the boring numbers, whats the figures like.

Well atleast for these french, they do not reach the AB standard, they are to crude and raw if that makes sense. they are still a hell of a lot better OG15s, in fact they are no soring past Fantasin and is easly the 3rd best 15mm out there, and by 3rd don't mean they are now as good as fantasin, they are far better then fantasin, but there was a HUGE gap between fantasin and CGM followed by AB, this gap is now filed by Blue moon, and BM is much closer CGM then it fantasin. So now there is a huge gap between fantasin and BM/CGM/AB.

So far I've only painted the trousers so I havn't tried to paint the details yet, so as I said this is only a first veiw review. Even the bases are a big improvment over the old OG, they are still not as perfect as the bases on AB but still very nice.

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