Friday, January 27, 2012

Back to ancients

I did finish my vikings today, but won't post them until the basing is done.

Anyway it's been one of those weeks this week, I havn't been able to sleep, not falling a sleep until 3 or 4 at night, not only that but I've been having headaches on and off during this week, I've cut my fingers 4 times this week, and dropped 2 glasses while doing the dishes.
I even lost one of my vikings, it fell on the floor, and bounced away and I can't find it, looked and looked. Then when I was starting on my ancients again today, I couldn't for the the love of me, find the shield transfers I needed, they were gone. Now I'm bad at keeping my plase tidy, so stuff disapear everynow and then, but I usualy find it with in 10 minutes, this time I looked and looked for 45 minutes, after almost going mad, I looked inbetween the back and steat cushins on my couch, not only did I find my fabled shield transfers, but a found a screw driver, and a hobby knife to.

Yeah it's been one of those weeks.

So yesterday I got Alexander Revistied, this is the 3rd version of Oliver Stones alexander, I havn't seen the movie since it first came in the standard edition in 2004, I just remember I did not like it.

This version was much more apritiated, even tho the battles are still to short and few, they do last longer now, and in all of the hollywood battles made, these are easly top 3 best.
I just bought the move to see a battle with phalangites, but I got alot more, it's not a masterpeice, but I repsect Stones comitment to the movie, he has wanted to make this movie since he started as a director.

Anyway I listened to the directors comentarty today, it was great, lots of historical info and talk about Stones love of the man Alexander, he really has a propper intrest in the period and Alexander.

While I was listening to it, I painted some Phalangites.
I love the Linothorax, you can paint them almost with inpunity. ALMOST.
Fact is we don't even know what they were made of, some say sevral layers of linen, others say they were linen with metal plates inside, some say they were leather. Mabye some were leather others were linen with metal inside. But both leather and linen could be colored in many colors.

I did these in a red theme, the linothorax is red with white borders, the helmet is red, I think they look great, the red white really looks good

I decided to do them a little less uniform then my others, all my others are all in purple linen, but these are a mix of brown and white.

I did have big problems with the shield transfers, for some reason they have problems sticking to the shields, all the badly sitting transfers had to be hidden in the second rank,

This is my successor "army" so far.


Schogun said...

Try this for better results with your decals:

1. Brush Gloss Acrylic (Testors/Model Master) onto the shields. This will provide a smooth surface for the decals to adhere to.

2. If the decals do not lay flat because of curvature, apply Micro Sol (Microscale Industries), available at hobby and train stores. It softens the decal so it conforms to an irregular surface.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Schogun has it right - follow his process and you'll have great luck.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, I'll give that a try.