Sunday, January 29, 2012

A bit of this, a bit of that,

So this one has lots of pictures, it covers about 1200 years.

We start with the recent past only going back some 1000+ years, My first vikings are done, 39 breave vikings, 39 becasue one of my vikings jumped ship and has gone AWOL.

I got very board with these, and bearly got done with the last 10(well 9) figures, I still got enough figures for two more units, but not sure when I'll get around to it.

We then go another 1200 years back in time, and I finished my second and so far last Hastati unit,

I'm not really happy with this light blue armor, just dosn't look right.

My hastati line, 40 figures representing 1200 hastati.

My romans so far, I'm now only one principes unit away from a complete legion.

I also finished another phalangite unit,

I really like this unit, the red and white is really cool.

40 phalangite from two diffrent units

I've decided that all my phlangite units should be uniqe in one way or another, the problem will be to find a cool yet not totaly unhistoric mix of colors for each unit, also so far all my phalangites have been in linothorax, I'm still devided if I want ALL my pikes with that armor or if I should mix it up, I like the linothorax becasue you can paint it in many colors, other armors are not that free when it comes to how to paint them. Also I have deiced that the next unit will have standard bronze colored helmet, just so it won't be to much of a good thing.

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Monty said...

Nice range of ancients. My very favorite are the pikemen in red. They just look splendid!