Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Even more Vikings

Man it takes a long time to do 40 vikings, almost there now, 30 are done, so started on the second base, I also did my first ever conversion, the conversion is to say the least, simple!! basicly cut of a sword hand, glue on a axe hand, takes abouot 20 seconds to do, I really liked my viking commander, I did him with duel weapons, a sword in one hand and axe in the other, ofcourse as I took the pics I realised the damn shield of the guy next to him covers his axe hand, and it's not longer obvouis that he has two weapons.

I did the commander as a grisled old chieften, I think he turned out great.

I also really like the resualt of the metal, it's extemely simple, just paint the metal in chainmail, dunk it with "ink wash armor" then a highlight on parts of the helments and metal on the swords.

I must say the faces on these are great, granted most of the faces are coverd by helment and or beard, but even the commander with out the helment has a great face, that is easy to paint get to look good.

I'm still not sure if my viking battle should be vikings vs vikings, or vikings vs what ever.

I did have an idea about vikings and anglo-saxons teaming up in the totaly unhistoric battle against the normans. but we will see, I'm also toying with the idea of making "imagi nation" type stuff, were you have diffrent cultures. but we will see.

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