Friday, February 3, 2012

I want to thank

So I havn't painted in a long time now, I've got like 7 diffrent computer and video games I'm playing, 4 on my ps3 and 3 on my computer.

But I was looking back, to when I started all this, and there are a couple of guys I want to thanks.

First Lord Ashram, you can watch his blog here
He was the one that started my wargaming interest, long long time ago in a galaxy far away. there was a forum called the lordz moding collection, this was a group of people that made mods for other games, mostly Napoleonic mods, they did great work, and Ash was one of the people there, I just hung out there becasue I liked their work, I had nothing to do with it, I just liked it.
And every now and then Ash would show some stuff he did, mostly 15mm ACW and 28mm Napoleonics, and finnaly I had enough and started my self with 15mm Napoleoincs.

I sucked big time at painting, but ash was a great guy, I'm sure he sugar coated it for me, but it made me paint more and more. so he helped me very much at the start of my wargaming career.

The second guy is Mark from Scalecreep, while I don't buy as much form his store now a days I do try and throw a little cash his way now and then, when I started with Napoleonics I didn't know grandiers from linge or linge from carabiner ect. He helped me create my first 15mm armies. Great guy to buy from, has a great store and ofcoruse he runs

Anyway that was all,

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