Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Something Uniqe?

 I think so, This is Norwegian Special Forces.
The figures are actualy Force Recon figures from Eureka, but today most NATO SOF look more or less the same, use the same gear ect. Granted Norway used C8, which has a uniqe barrle, and now we use HK 416, Which looks slightly diffrent, but close enough, the only thing that stand out as plane wrong is the M203, Norway have as far as I know never used them, didn't use them on C8 and don't use them on 416, so really this is just force recon with Norwegian cammo

 The figures are very nice, nice faces, lots of detail, Good poses. The cammo looks good, but the light green is just slightly off, I went through all my light greens and this was the closest I got.
 I'm gonna use these for Norwegian Tears of the Sun game, Basicly Norwegian Commdoes saving Norwegian citizens in some generic african country.
 I did the bases very green, becaue they are forest/jungle type stuff, I'm gonna buy the same figures again, and paint them in Norwegian desert cammo, to use them as norwegian special forces in Afganistan ect.
 This is infact the very first time I ever have painted Norwegians, granted I have painted vikings, but they could just as well be swedes or danes, I have never done any norwegians soldiers from the 17-19th centuary.


Monty said...

Great work! Really nice minis and terrain...

Phil said...

Very nice, the camouflage colours are great...

Anonymous said...

Like them! I do not think there are too many people that can bring Norwegian troops to the table, which makes them even sweeter!