Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fake Germans

 Also known as Austrians, When terminator was gonna be released in Germany,  Arnold wanted to Dub him self in German, beeing Austrian he could speak the language, the problem is that to real Germans Austrians sound like farmers, everyone of them.
 These are my first Austrians, and damn they are hard to get right, I went for the easy option, using a pure white for the straps, with a more off tone white for the uniform, this is the first time I got to use my Austrian white for actual Austrians.
 But I'm still not happy with the resualt, they kinda look sloppely painted,
 Doesn't help that one of the musket straps got some stray flesh color on it, didn't notice that until I took the pictures.
 I was kinda stuck here, having started on my french I realised that there were no russian or prussian plastics with multiposes., they are all march pose, and frankly march pose sucks when doing this mini diorama bases, it gets very boring have just 7 figures marching, So that left British or Austrian, having painted lots of Brits, so why not some Austrians.
 While most of the Austrians in the Victrix box are marching, 2 figures in each tray can be used in sevral poses.
 I do think I want some Austrian jegers in diffrent skirmishing poses to add to the brigade base.


Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Austrian white is a pain to paint but these look great to me! Are these based for Grande Armee rules?

Gunfreak said...


TamsinP said...

So far I've managed to get away without having to paint white uniforms, but I gather they are a pain to do well.

You've put a good looking group together there :)

David Cooke said...

Nice results Gunfreak.

Schrumpfkopf said...

Great stuff, adn I disagree about the rather funny austrian accent. To me it sounds all charming and friendly to be honest.

That said - I'm Prussian myself.