Friday, April 19, 2013

Long time no see

Well this has been a long time, last Napoleonics I've posted here was in September last year, and my last 15mm Napoleonics in MAY!!! last year, so it's almost a year since I've painted 15mm Napoleonics.

I've had these Blue moon figres laying around since then, done alot since then, and I almost didn't paint anyting the last 6 months of last year.
As you see these are 1805 period french, the figures are good, but I've noticed something, they do not photograph well, in real life, they look good, because they have extravant features that make them look right in your hands even on close inspection, but the high pixel camera just picks up every bump in the figures, and they look disformed and ugly. so I had to scale down the pictures, at the full 1600x1200, they were but ugly, which was a shock as they looked really good in my hands, espeacly the face.

I have decided to up the lightness of the blue slightly, they still look like french blue coats, but you get a bit more pop to the color.
It was fun painting 15mm Napoleonics agian, it was my first love in wargaming, and I do have sevral hundred of them, and I only need a few more and I can actualy game with them.

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Phil said...

Very nice looking troops...