Monday, April 22, 2013

To boldly go were no one has gone before.

 So I'm a life long trekkie, it started as a small kid when one of the norwegian stations showed TNG, it was before I could understand english and before I could read the subtiltes on norwegian, but I knew I liked it. And to this day TNG is still my favorite of the trek series, I now got all the movies and series on dvd or bluray. I usualy start on TOS, then go on to TNG, ds9 and voyager, I usualy skip enterprise because well I hate it. But TOS-voy is some 600 episodes and 10 movies, it takes quite some times go go through it, but they are on my continues playlist, along with SG1, Babylon 5, Atlantis.

I'm now on the last few episodes of DS9, and naturaly anybody doing star trek wargaming, DS9 is the holy grail, I still think the space battles in season 6-7 of DS9 is the best space ship battles of any series or movie ever made, better then B5, Stargate ect.

So now it's finnaly time to do star trek wargaming, it did take quite a while sorting out were to get what.

These are from the same guy, not really sure if I should say were I got them or not for legal reasons.

Most trekkies should see what these are, unless I did a horrible paint job.
 My plan is 3 rather lagre fleets, klingon, dominion/cardassians and federation.
The federation ships are the hardest to get a hold of.
 The klingons do love their birds of prey, small powerfull and fast, but can't take much of a punishment, but that only means you go to stovakor faster. I do have some of the bigger hitters for the klingons on the way. The dominions are kinda like the klingons, they have those small attack ships, but also som bigger stuff.

The federation kinda likes to keep their troops alive, so they generaly have bigger ships and more defences. One on one the federation ships will win almost all the time aginst a dominion ship, but the dominion have the numbers on their side.

If  i get a hold of them I'll add breen and romulans to later.

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