Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lots of ancient pictures

 So I have done some more paining, I've finished my hastati unit. done the first base of my pricipes, and first base of my celtic vetrans.
 So my Allied Pricipes, a blue yellow theme, tho there isn't that much yellow, as they are prety coverd in armor, so more like bronze blue theme. Their armor is pretty complex, most of them have a mix of steel chian mail and broze armor, with leather armor under that again. Heavy stuff.

 My celts/gauls, I can not get my head around those shield transfers, they woul not stick, even when I let them dry over night. Some fell of other half on, had to use wood glue and super glue to fix some of them on, and it just looks bad.  I suck at arts and crafts.
 Theise are armored with chain mail. To be usesed as celtic allies for my Hannibal army.

 And my finished Hastai unit, need another one of these.
 The command figures.

Fruit of my labors the last few weeks.


Baconfat said...

I think the shields turned out fine; I don't imagine unwashed barbarians painted their shields as well as a perfect transfer.

The white Romans really hit the eye nicely.

Tom Young said...

Amazing paint jobs, superb detail, thanks for sharing!!