Friday, August 23, 2013

Spears will be broken! Shields will be shaken!

So guess what I've been painting. I accedenatly got in lotr mood, I started to play 3rd age total war, a mod for medieval 2 total war, and that got me in the mood. So I got out my bluray exended editions of lord of the rings(I have had the blurays for like 6 months with out taking them out of the shopping bag)
I had one pack of mordor orcs, and got a couple of packs of rohan to, infantry and cav.

It's kinda fun, it's medieval yet more fun, one of my problems with medieval is that troops are boring, I think A few of the 1st crusade knights look cool, but most of the other figures are boring. same with 100 years war or war of the roses. Lotr lets me do a cool version of medieval. Yet it's still "realistic"

There are no giant swords that look like nothing in reality, the lord of the rings univers is kinda like a enhanced medieval world. and I like that.

The rohan are a mix of anglo-saxon/viking stuff,

 And the orcs let me do non human skin, do colord armor, I do lots of diffrent inks, I normaly don't do inks except for armor, and the orcs have lots of armor, scale armor, chainmail, plate armor, leather ect. I have 3 metals, gun metal, chain mail and "magic metal" I then have 3 inks light brown, ink armor and dark brown. So those 6 variables, give lots of options. I did the cloth on the orcs black, and I'm quite happy with how the blacks turned out.

So the problem, the expence, 12 figures 170kr, that more then METAL historics, now the figures are well made, but still metal cheaper then plastics? I have problems accepting that.

And I like big units, My Evil armies will have 36 figures units, while my good armies will have 24 figure units.


Tom Young said...

I think metal in the end is cheaper than plastic. I like metal better anyway. And I do the same, I mostly ink armor, but I have found myself, inking everything...even white, which is not very easy.


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