Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hellenic 6mm

So after waiting and waiting i got my succesor 6mm from baccus, took like 3 weeks to get them, I was planing on nuking most of the UK as punishment if i didn't get them soon, but just as i was activating the countdown to blow up Great Britian, except Scottland, so just Wales, Northern Ireland and England(like scotch to much to blow up Scottland) Also kinda feel bad about blowing up northen ireland, as it would been that it would be rather radioactive the next few hundred years or so, and so lots of the regular Irish would have to move away from the border. and they are after all inocent.

But the figures came and many millions of people were saved. and most of all i got the figures.

I got almost 300 phalangites, 200 thoropero, 45 companion cav, 6 elephants and some generals.
I was not sure who big units were gonna be untill had them infront of me. In the end I went with 128 pikemen, 36 cav, not sure about the thoropereo yet, not sure if i should go with 3 or 4 deep line. 

So did the phalangites over a couple of days, i did them very basic, white armor and tunic(can't tell were one starts and the other ends) then flesh, then broze, then pikes. so no cool stuff, it was kinda proof of concept.
I needed to see how a finished unit looked, if it was the right size, just getting to know the figures, aslo just getting used to painting 6mm again.

I have enough figures for another unit, that will be more complex, whie shields with designs on them, tunic color diffrent then the armor. collord helmet ect.
The good thing about these are they are so generic, they could be used for almost any hellenic army from Phillp II to the end of Ptolmy dynasti. When the hellenic world ended. 

I did the companion cav today, and did them much more detailed.
Bronze chest armor, white tunic, flesh, sandles, scabard, bronze helmet with red tufft, 3 diffrent colors on the horses, leather gear on the horses, and 3 diffrent colors on the cloaks.

 So generic phalangites, 128 figures on 4 bases
 Companion cav, again quite detailed.

 36 figures and 6 bases.


Phil said...

Nice done, great looking units!

Vladdd309 said...

Great stuff. Love the Bacchus ancients range. Keep the updates coming.

Oh, and thanks for not Nuking us Scots!

shah said...