Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back to 28mm

 So I have painted sevral 100 6mm now, i have 256 phalangites done, 48 thorophorois, 36 cav and 6 elephants. But 6mm always leave me a little cold, while I do enjoy the mass, the lack of detail, and the factory feel to painting them, is a little much at times, so now i felt like painting 28mm again. I found a boks of macedonian royal gurds at the local store, most of them are plastic, but with metal heads and shields.

These are cool to paint, great models, lots of detial. but glueing the metal heads on plastic bodies is a pain in the ass. The shields are simple, silver with armor ink wash. the armor is a mix of white and leather, and all got purple shoulders. som armor are just white linen with purple shoulders, others got some leather here and there.
 The helmets are either bronze or blue with red "puff"
I wanted alot of color, so the tunics are, either green, red, grey or tan/brown.
The spears are actualy "horse tone rohan" so really a horse color, but feel it looks great as light wood, I have had problems with wood color before, while i had great dark wood/musket brown that woks for muskets, it does not work for pikes and other wood stuff, it's to dark, and the pikes/spears are to thin to highlight properly. i did try a more orangy color that works for ak wood, but dosn't work on pikes. but this color looks like "pike color"

 The box comes only with 24 figures and no command, thats kinda poor, the box cost the same as 40 regular phalangites, but you get 16 fewer figures in this box, aperantly metal shield and heads cost alot of money i guess, feel it is kinda cheap, they could atleast have thrown in a metal command for that price, isn't 16 fewer plastic figues worth atleat 2-3 metal command?
I'm not sure who to solve the command thing, they cost alot over at warlord, and dosn't really fit into the unit. I guess this unit dosn't get a command, to bad as it's supose to be an elite unit.