Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A line of grey and butternutt clad troops

 I'm watching a documantary about the ACW, I've watched in a dozen times, nobody in the states know about it, was a low budget thing made in the early 90s or late 80s, it's not as "fancy" as Ken Burns film, it's mostly talking heads, a narator and lots and lots of video of huge reeacmetns, and the reenactments are from those battles they talk about, so you kinda feel you are watching that battle.

Anyway Simple yet great, I like it better the Ken Burns film. But i like that fact that you can sum up an ACW army on the colors, sevral times you hear the narator says. A endless line of blue lines, or a massive force of grey and butternut clad troops ect.
  A 20 man regiment, I have enough figures for two more regiments, I'll try and aim low on this project, 7 regiments pr side, 1 unit of cav for each and 1 battery for each.
 I like the figures, and I like my own pain job, I like the officer, amazing how just yellow cufs help bring out some color.

They are all painted with either butternut triad or rebel grey triad, musket stock triad, all from foundry. also sliver baynets, and musket bands, the barrle is panzer grey(as the barrles or the Enfield was black)


Andrew Saunders said...

Nice looking rebs!!

Phil said...

Great looking troops, very nice work...

sebastien gimeno said...

very nice unit.

And what's the title of the documentary?

Gunfreak said...

It's just called Civil war battles,

I think it is this one