Friday, November 1, 2013

Giants stomp the land

 Got my 54mm Napoleonics, did the first two figures, not super happy with the resaults.
I did spent alot of time on them, takes about a day to do each one. Given they are 54mm i felt i had to put in some effort. So the blue on the french, and red and white on the british had 5 layers, the problems was finding the right shades, it was easy enough for the french i just used the french triad, and stuck in one color inbetween french A and french B , and finnaly a hight light after French c. but the brit is hard.

I have the dark brick red, I have to use to cover, or they other reds won't sit well.
But finding the right mixes is hard.
 I did the french as a Legere voltigeur, simply because I love the blue, so lots of it. I'll give both the french and british a propper Peninsula feel, so lots of non standard colors,

 The brit got his light infantry head, Of they 16 i got of brits half will be 52nd light and the other 23rd foot.


War Minister Crittumbo said...

Nice paint jobs!

Phil said...

Nice work, I realy like the voltigeur, beautiful details...