Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So mr 7th hussars, we meet again.

 So last time i was in this scale and period, it was september last year, except for like 12 15mms
I have not done Napoleoinc in over a year, since then, I've been to the 24th centuary, painting klingons and cardasians, I've been to the jungles of vietnam, the islands of the pacific. I've been to russia in the early 18th centuary, I've fought on the fields of flanders during the WSS, I've been to ancient italy and greece. And now i'm back to this period!  It started with a dream a few days ago, I dreamt perrys had come out with a second box of french line infantry. And that was it, i got the bug, I have to go through my stuff and find all my napoleonic stuff, i think most of it is in the basement in the foam case.

So i found a box perry hussars.
So which regiment to paint? The same I always paint, 7th hussars. I allready have a unit of them, but they look ugly by my current standards, so I thought i'd give them a try again.

They look ok, I have done the elite company and trumpeter and offiser.
 I still suck at painting horses. but they are slightly better then before.


Phil said...

A great paintwork for a great unit...

bizFlats said...

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