Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 What? thats not how you write dragoon in russian? ok, how about Kommrad Dragoon?

So these are the first 6 of 12 russian dragoons, These are perry and very cool, except it was strange painting one piece casting, rider and horse in one, but it worked out ok, I did most of the horse first, then when I painted the horse blanket, and facings, I could do it as I did they jacket and facings on the troopers. You wouldn't think figures that are mostly very dark green and grey would be colorfull, but that turqoise really helps, even the white on dark green looks cool. I have always been a light cav man, never cared that much for heavies and dragoons(except british dragoons in bicorne, becasue those are fucking awesome) anyway, I have of late stated to like them, the unsung heroes of the cavalry branch.

My plan is a Dragoon brigade of 2-3 units of 12, on one flank, another flank of hussars. then 2 cuirassiers in reserve. with 12 battalions(standard division, 8 line and 4 jegers) And a battery.

My french will be much the same, 8 battalions in the center, one flank of dragoons, one of chassaurs, with cuirassier reserve, and a battery.

Anyway on to the dragoons.

Painted them as kourland regiment, need a flag(can't find one for that regiment, so might need some generic dragoon flag) I'm very happy with these, tho they do not look as good on the pics as in real life.

 I feel I got a nice clean paint job, on them, and I'm happy with the bay horses, the figures and horses are easy to paint, even for cav, which is normaly hard. getting to the trousers, was a little hard since it's a one piece casting. also loose arms are a pain in the ass, works great for plastic, but gluing metal arms on metal figs is nasty, first it takes a day to set, which suck as i was antious to get painting, and it never gets hard enough, one arm fell off during painting, and I except it will happen again during games.

 As I said, I'm happy with the bay horses, my best horses so far.
 I think 3 units of these will look great on the flank.


Phil said...

Great looking cavalry, love the poses and the paintjob...

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, great to get comments!