Sunday, November 3, 2013

Meet Paddy!

Meet Paddy O'Patric, Yes i know slightly racist name. He fought with the french in 1798, after the rebellion was crushed, he fled to Frence, he has a particular hateret for Irish in british service. He therefore get +1 in mele and accuracy if he knows the enemy soldier is Irish.

 This is Liutenant Henry Swallow, his father was a light Bob in the american rebellion, and growing up listening to his farthers stories of light infantry combat, he always wanted to be one, His father is well off has he owns a successfull factory. So he bought his son, a commision in the 52nd. He comes from a familiy of free thinkers, and is more liberal then many officers in the army. but also slightly naiv. when it comes to combat. He is also worried that he will not live up to his father bravery.

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