Thursday, November 14, 2013


 So some perry skirmishing jegers, perry has only made one pack of them, it would be nice to se another one, also only one figure is fiering, The figures are ofcourse good perry quality. I would like to see another pack, one with a kneeling figure fireing and a kneeling figure reloading, those are kinda a standard skrimishing poses, and a skirmishing line with out kneeling figures is no skirmishing line at all.

These are summer dress, so white trousers, that make them look alot like regular line infantry.
Not sure why perries choose summer dress..

I'm happy with these, again the jacket is so dark it's hard to see the shading. but it is there.
 I'm also starting to get the hang of the perry faces, always found them a little flat, and not alot of stuff to "hang on to" But they look ok now.
 The trousers get 4 coats, horse tone grey, and then the regular austrian white triad, it does give some more shade.


Phil said...

Great looking figures, love the poses and the paintjob!

Glenn said...

Great figures and great paint work.
I based mine exactly the same: on Litko 3mm 1" x 1" bases.