Monday, December 2, 2013

Light Bobs

So I'm at it again, etarnal atempts at AWI, I got Perry plastics on the way, but also had like 30 of theise perry metal, normaly I use them for southern theater infantry, but they work as light infantry for all theaters.
So this is a combined light infantry regiment, so no colors. They are based on 20mm frontage, i know some people base their wss/7YW/napoleonics like that, but I can't stand it, my close order infantry in any war from 1620-1865 are based on 12 or 15mm frontage, basicly as close as I can possibly fit them. But for the AWI were both sides used this semi open order for close order infantry this looks perfect.
 I'm very happy with theise, my best AWI by a good margin, I have finnaly got kinda the hang of perry faces and got the right mix of whites/greys for the trousers, the coats got 4 shades, brick red, vampire red, kahdor red base, and angle red.

 The trousers or spandex as they look like, are horse tone grey, and then the austrian white triad from foundry.

 Some of the canteens are the standard sky blue, others are just natural wood.

All in all a good unit I think, they are only 16 strong, which is way to small for any other war, but looks good with the spaced out infantry, and the historicaly much smaller regiments/battalions of that war.


John Miniatures said...

Perrys faces are really difficult. Great looking infantry!

Phil said...

Looking nice!

Monty said...

Great miniatures and well painted. They'll look good on the gaming table I presume.