Sunday, December 15, 2013

5th foot

 This is the 5th Regiment of foot, I have generaly kept to the southern theater, infact, I think almost all off my british AWI units have been either guard units, the 33rd or 23rd(which I think I have painted some 57 billion times) I have no speical battle in mind, the 5th have been is most of the major battles in the northen theater, So anythnig from Long Island to monmouth. Monmouth is kinda cool as it was like the only "propper" battle, were the americans actualy had quite a few regular units, infact more regulars then militia. So they would let me paint sevral continental units and not just lots of militia.
 So again a 16 man unit, I see I forgot to paint the skin on the drum. i still got like 16 more infantry but no more command, but they sell the command spure loose, so it's easy to get another unit done.

But that will not happen right away, as I'm out of AWI mood, but atleast I have all finished units, no half painted ones. Next up will be Minden miniatures 7 years war. two small units are on the way, one prussian and one austrian.

like AWI, 7YW is a period I have wanted to do sevral times but never get it off the table,

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Phil said...

Very nice paintjob with these units, great colors!