Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Continentals and clusterfuck

 So I've gone through my metal perrys, they are spread all over the place, I know I got like 40 hessain musketters(but no command)  but can't find them. I do have a few american riflemen. So i did a small order(very small by my strandards) from perry, one box of british infantry and 3 packs of continentals.
The continetnals are painted up in the standard blue coat and red facings, mostly white vest and breachers, but some browns in there to. Drummer in the official reverse color jacket, the officer got a nice yellow sash, not standard but looks good on his red vest,(a bit of a dandy mabye?)

I like these continetnals, i like the blue i shades I used, the white is the standard 4 color mix, some of the faces are a bit ugly as my darkest shade of flesh had thinkend, and so got a bit lumpy, making the faces lumpy.

 I think it's a good looking unit, rich not to dark blue, looks great with the bright red.

 In the standard fireing line, When doing other horse and musket periods like Napoleonics I like them all in marching possion, but given that often the americans would be hunkering behind a fence, or standing mostly still waiting for the red juggernaught fiering possions look good.
 Then we come to the clusterfuck, my black primer decided to fuck me over, probebly I killed his mother or something, but instead of normal coat, it became hard brittle rough coat, had the figures been metal the primer would just fall off, but since these are plastic, it got stuck. the rough texture, made it hard to paint, the faces got fucked, making some of them look like they got a face full of canister, I got a few ok faces, and put them in front.
 Also I did the pose in attack pose, but the right arm is just over the cartridge belt strap, and most of the facing on the coat, making it hard to paint those things. and I hate painting figures that are not whole, so painting the body then gluing on figures I will not do.
 In the end, they look ok, will probebly look fine once the colors and officers are on there to. Have glued the other half of the unit togeather and will start to paint them tomorrow.

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