Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Years Resolution

So the pictures should hint at it, guessed it yet? I'll give you a second to get it....
Hm du hum, trallala, dutidu.... Got it yet?

In 2014 I'll only do 18th century stuff, The 3 main will be, WSS, GNW and 7YW, I With AWI as a second priority, if I get super desperate, I'll do some French Revloutinary stuff, probebly Hornblower skirmish stuff. Now the chances of me sticking to this resolution is oh 7.58935% With Ancients probebly beeing the biggest tempress! Sluty sluty ancients dressing in those short tunics showing so much leg!

First up is probebly 7YW, waiting for minden figures to arrive and a book on the prussian battles. But it's only 32 figures, so I hope I can paint them all, before I order more figures.
 Here's my current 18th century forces, 3 units of AWI, a big french WSS cannon possision, 2 finished wss cav, one unfinsihed, one wss austrian cuirassier unit, 2 finished WSS french infantry, one unfinished spanish, 1 base of GNW russian infantry, 1 russian GNW gun, 3 bases of GNW sweeds, and just of the line finished today, GNW gun possision.
 I still havn't gotten the stuff I need to finish this big cannon posssion.

 The russian gun
 And the new Swedish gun.

 Just a small possision, some gabions

So wish me luck in this endevor.


Gonsalvo said...

Good luck. I suggest a powdered wig and some lace collars to get in the mood! :-)

Unlucky General said...

I really do with you luck. This year I researched and bought new figures for a new period and scale when I have so many unfinished or even started purchases. If you can concentrate your efforts then you're a better man than I. All the best.

Scheck said...

wonderful pictures! I like your point of view taking a photo! atmospheric!!