Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jegers, jaegers, jegere, jægere ect.

 So why do those damn English, Damn Yankies, damn Aussies, damn canucks, danm Kiwis called jegers hunters. English is supose to be a germannic language, yet they are the only germanic language I know of that uses hunter and not jeger(or variations on jeger)  I have learned the hunter also is based on germanic, but still very diffrent.

Anyway some Hessain Jegers, not that happy with theise, my dark flesh got a little thick, so the faces got lumpy, didn't realise it right away. I am happy with the green, but the figures seem less clean and done as my british, might just be first time I've painted them so not got used to all the nook and cranies on the sculpts yet. But they are less clean, more sloppy painted I feel.

This is ofcourse a more complex sculpt, the britsh figres are super simple, no back packs, just a couple of straps, not even facings on them, as simple as horse and musket figures get.

Theise have 3 straps besides the cartridge box strap, so white cotton bag, furry breadbag, and canteen.
Then you have the facinfs, while not that complex add to the whole. I was also stupid enough to try and do the striped trousers, which is hard, still havn't learned to do straight lines yet.

 To my supirse the back looks better then the front, I'm a front heavy painter, spending lots of time on the front, and kinda phoneing the back in. But here the back is much better, I got a good color and highlight on the furry bag.


Jay said...

Great looking troops. The candy cane striped trousers must have presented a wonderful target to the enemy.

Phil said...

Very nice work!

Al said...

lovely work

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, 3 comments, that rare, thank you!