Sunday, December 29, 2013


 So I finnaly finished my first swedish regiment, Had to do stuff, I was missing 2 musketeers, so I debased my pikes, and my command, I took the one musketeer from the command base, and painted the last four I got, put them on their own base, Not quite 6 as I prefer, but looks ok, I then put all my pikes and my command on a single big base. I have seen simular bases used in leauge of angsburg forums.

The Sweeds look ok, but not great, first the pikes are two dark, seccond the blue on the sweeds is to light, So my next units will be darker blue and more yellow yellow. This blue makes it hard to see the the shadeing and highlighting.

 Then we got the russkies, Here to there was problems, but I had only done the first base. So I did the command the same way as the sweeds, but I'm missing 3 musketeers so can't finish the unit. I'm much more happy with these then the sweeds, rich dark green but not to dark(not as dark as the napoleonic russians) And the red/green looks cool, aslo using light wood on the pikes make them stand out more and looks much better. The command was super fun to paint, the standard berars and officer has sashes in the russian flag theme. And I'm happy with the finish, also lots of gold lace on the officer.

 And then we got som Frenchies, my 3rd battalion for the WSS french force I'm making. I just pick the french units with most and coolest colors, This one is red, grey and yellow!! Sadly I forgot how I painted my last french, and so I forgot to use the darkest shade, I usualy have one quite dark grey, to fill out the deepest folds in the uniform, I forgot this this time, and so the folds kinda get blured out and the whole of the shading looks off, infact in theise pictures it looks like I havn't shaded and highlighted them at all.

I try and make "themes" for all my WSS units, ofcourse you have the standard marching, but for my fiering, I do diffrent styles, in this one as you see, the front rank is kneeling at the ready, while the second stand behind muskets up, in another one both front and back rank have leved muskets, with front rank kneeling, I also have one were the front rank is kneeling waiting/loading while the second rank has leved muskets, To kinda simulate the whole rank fire system.


Johns Miniatures said...

Gå på! Love your Musketeer Miniatures. Great work! With big sharp details they are a joy to paint :)
For your blue coats I would recommend a wash with GWs Asurmen blue. Worked great on my horsemen when their coats was too bright. Gives a nice deep shading too.

Phil said...

Beautiful units!

Neil Scott said...

Those Russians look excellent

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys!!