Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sers Fusiliers

 Hello everyone, hope you've had some relaxing days with good food and loved ones.
It's now officaly two days into the new year, and still not broken my resolution about staying with 1700c.
I got my 7YW figures, I want to thank James/Fritz not only for good service, but his pictures of his painted minden figs got me to get said miniatures, and he also showed this regiment, that is my first painted minden.

I LOVE this figures!! To put on my best randy voice, They're FABIULUS! Infact they are so well proportioned and slim I can actualy get them on a 1cm frontage, thats right, 10mm frontage pr figure, so my 16 figures only take up 8cm. thats less then most of my 15mm units. I think I'll add 4 more later, as 20 just looks better.

So this is IR49, Fusiliers, in ORANGE vest and breechers. love this figures!!
 I'm quite happy with how they ended up, got a good mix for the orange, and the blue is union from foundry with an added lighter highlight, so both orange and blue got 4 shades.

It's like 22:00 now and I have to work tomorrow, but thats a good 13 hours from now, and I just have to try and atleast start on my Austrians. I have already sent a mail to james for another bigger order, prussian musketeers, prussian dragoons, prussian grenadiers, prussian colonel, austrian dragoons, austrian grenadiers, hungerian musketeers, and austrian colonel.


Johns Miniatures said...

That must have been an interesting paintjob. Not often one use orange in such amounts. Good job!

Andrew Saunders said...

Very nice work

Der Alte Fritz said...

You did a very nice job on the fusiliers. I will be packing your next order this evening so that they have some company. :)


Andy McMaster said...

That's a nice orange! What paints did you use?

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys, and thanks fritz, just payed you!

Andy, the colors used was one coat of austrian white shade from foundry, then burnt orange from coat d arms, then kahdor red highlight from P3, and finnaly flame orange from coat d arms.

Phil said...

Great work and beautiful colors!