Wednesday, January 22, 2014

O' Tannenbaum

I'm still alive!! my stomach is kinda odd still. but hasn't bled to death.

So I'm making inroads into my second minden order, still have 2 units of infantry and one austrian mounted officer left, the rest is now done. My latest are the Erzherzog Joseph Dragoons, or Christmas dragoons as they will be referd to from now on. They look awesome, red and green! While german austrian infantry are kinda boring, I must say I like their cav, very colorfull and also the Hungerians are awesome, and sexy. I like that both the Austrians and Prussian cav are very non standard, the austrians dragoons are as verried in color as Napoleonic hussars, the prussian dragoons are somewhat more standard but still quite diffrent. It's a good way not to get bored. I got two more dragoon units on the way.

I also did a prussian colonel, that is gonna be a brigade commander.

So far my 3 orders have been mirror orders, my prussians and austrians have had the exact same. part, same amount of inf and cav. even same type of cav. But my next orders have to be more non mirror. As mirror forces are kinda boring. I think I'll order more austrian grenadiers, as they were put in elite "brigades/divisions" And given that most rules will rate most prussian infantry higher then well even the best fusiliers units of the austrians. So I think an big brigade of 4 or 5 grenadier ad hoc battalions will be fun.

Also I have orderd some austrian hussars, but I will probebly not order or of them, as they were still used by the austrians more as marauders. While the prussians used thier hussars more like that of Napoleonic hussars. So prussians might have more hussars in their cav brigades, while the austrians will keep to cuirassiers and dragoons. And as the prussians allready are so well thought of in most rules, I think that my one guard battalion is the only elite unit I will have(unless you concider fusiliers elite) Then we got arty, Since one gun for each battalion is to much, I think one light gun pr. brigade is a good  compomise. But what about the heavy guns, how many? given the size of my table, one bigish heavy battery is enough,  I think 3-4 heavy guns in one battery is ok. I'm reading prussians glory, and I want my brummers, some super heavy 12pdr. Not sure anyboy makes them, I think if i get a FR 16pdr it will look right as a brummer next to minden figures. Most rules gives one model gun as 2-4 real guns, so 3-4 model guns, can be either one big battery of 16+ guns, or if you spread them out , you have sevral smaller batteries of 2-4 guns.

So this is Christmas dragoons!
 I really like them, they look much cleaner og crisper then my Meinicke dragoons.

 Mounted colonel as brigader.
 Kinda standard prussian uniform, just some more gold trim.

 So a mini photoshoot,

My next units on the painting table is the austrian grenadiers, I'll will use it half and half. As they were ad hoc stuff, 8 of them will be from Moltke the other from Keiser.


Gonsalvo said...

I love the Dragoon drummer!

Stephen said...

For some reason I had failed to put you in my blogs to follow - now sorted :-)

Scheck said...

A wonderful little skirmish between Prussians and Austrians! I like the green-red coats of your Xmas-Dragoons - extremely impressive!
Go on, big joy to follow your blog!

Phil said...

Beautiful pictures!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys!