Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grandiers, officer and two computer games

 Boy this one is going to be long, So first up, two bases of austrian grenadiers, so as they are combined, half my grenadier unit will be combined from two diffrent regiments.

I like theise, they are very colofull for german regiments,  I will definatly make the full fusiliers regiments too. I also did the german general/colonel, standard white, green facings, bay horse, I did give him purple silk gloves, just to make him slightly dany. After all no reason to die in battle with out purple silk gloves.

Ok, now to the games I know most people that follow or come by my blog don't care about video or computer games. But here are two atleast one of you might like.

The first one is called Kingdom Come: Delivernce, it's a historic realistic medieval rpg. no dragons or elves. you are a blacksmiths son, in 1403 bohemia. you got a nice part of bohemia to play around with.
The game is made by people who have made sevral good games before, they  have started their own company. They have a private billionare backer that has put in 1.5 million so far in the game.
They have now started a kickstarter asking for 300 000 pounds, Its mostly to show their backer people want a realistic rpg. And they got all 300 000 in less then 36 hours, with 25 days left of the kickstarter they are now at about 470 000 pounds. Do stop buy and suport them if this is your think, the game has taken the internet by storm,
Here is a trailer for the game.

The big selling points are
Real world based on bohemia, with historic catles,
Take part in big battles and seiges with 100s or 1000s of solders.
Physics based first person combat.
4 layers 16 slot character slots, for armor and weapons, from no clothes to full suit of plate.
3 classes bard, theif and knight.
Branching dialogs with real choices.
Looks to be a super game, lots of people want this game!!

Next game is Histwar Napoleon
This is a sequal to Histwar Les Grognards, with much much updated graphics, and ai. I have played the demo sevral times today, and all my problems from the original game, is gone and the game plays great.
5000 historic commanders, 1300 historic regimetns 600 historic uniforms, huge battle maps.
1:6 1:2 or 1:1 scale soldiers. so if you play on 1:1 you can have 500 000 soldiers in the field at once.

This is a picture of the original game

This is what the new game looks like

It is the ultimate computer version of napoleonic gaming. So far there are 10 historic battle, with ability to make your own armies and own maps, 20 more historic battles will be added.


Stephen said...

Knowing my weakness, I daren't risk buying computer games :-)

Gunfreak said...

Join the dark side!! We got beer and hookers.