Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Szekely Hussars, and suprize

Yes I wrote it the propper way with a Z!! So I'm kinda in a ACW mood, but no figures in sight, and I got a small flat package today, so I decided to go back to 7yw for a few days untill the perry plastic acw comes.

So this is the Szekely hussars, they togeather with the Meinke dragoons did lots of cool stuff leading up to the battle of Rochbach. Very cool uniform. light green with dark green pelise, saddlecloth and bushybag. 

Suprizingly(yes another Z) it's quite colorfull. Again the minden figures have superb detail, the sabertache got raised ensigna and all. 

 Even the dragons tooths on the saddlecloth is modeld.

Ah but I would not just show you a WIP of some lowly hussars now would I, because the flat package I got was GMB flags So now my austrians and prussians got some nice flags to show off.

 I seem to have gotten some mix up in the order, I did not get my austrian dragoon flags.

The sers fusiliers are just so cool and they look even coolr with the flag.


Phil said...

The Husars do look nice, great work!

Stephen said...

Fab work little brother :-)

Baconfat said...

I really like the Hussars. Shame about the missing flag.