Thursday, May 1, 2014

5th part 2

 So did another base, looks good, but some of the faces turned out bad, so don't look that great upclose.
Also did two riflemen, well one, started on who, but the foundry yellow sucks as much as any other yellow, the yellow shade did not cover black at allo, I had hoped that foundry yellow was better, but no, and the two lighter shades did not really do much, so the figure is lost. But I did do a purple one. I only have one proper purple. So I had to mix black and purple for the shade, and white and purple for the highlight. Looks ok, but again the face turned out shit.

On a sad, not my horse tone grey color has vanished, looked for it all day, thats my darkest shade when I paint while unifom, so until I find it, or get another one(sevral weeks) I can't do any more figures with lots of white(like british ect.)

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