Friday, January 16, 2015

A new project, whats new?

So this was predictable, doing Napoleonics, getting sooo tired.
I had a good run painting stedadly since November, doing Medievals, then italian wars, then napoleonics, But I hit the wall, half done with a 3 figre base of Landwehr cav, I could not paint any more. the horses are done, but the riders only got their first layer of grey and blue. I dug out my 7YW figures, got over half done with some austrians, then could not finish. So what to do?

I know WW1, I've wanted to do WW1 a while, a period I know little about, besides the bullit points. What has always stopped me was the terrain, While you could do eastern front, or North Africa, like most westerns it's the Trenches of the western front that I have in my head. I could do early 1914, that would basicly be WW2 Normandy terrein. But I want the terrain. So have to make it my self, problem is my DIY skills are very low level stuff. But I'll give it a try. Bought some shit, Sand from a pet store, wood filler, cheap brushes, cheap brown paint, cheap as hell glue gun, a small saw blue styrofoam.

I cut 1x1 feet of foam, and start to work, I cut down about 5mm in the 50mm foam. this gives it a rough texture, I trie to make some banks and a shell crator. I then  mix the paint, PVA glue, woodfiller and sand.  apply it generously.  Added some blown out trees. I found the brown paint to be to light, and added black to the paint on the two next tiles.

 This is what the first tile look like after a "days" work.
 My first trench more of a test. I glued all the styrofoam tiles on some woodfilling  plates,  this gives them same weight, and gives a flat surface.
Darker brown this time. might try and go all grey to.

 1st tile done, and 3rd with a small clump of trees blow up.
 A shellcreater again, this will be filled with water effects. The trees as you see are branches


1st tile is done, I might add some barbedwire when I get it, and sandbags. The mud is a mix of colors and gloss vanish, I might add some of the water effects on this one to when I get it.

So this is what I have been doing, real amateurish shit.

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