Monday, January 26, 2015

WW1 project continued

So not that much has happend, I got my test batch of Great war minies, and trying to figure out the color. I also got my miliput and practesing on my sandbags. Got some armypainter barbwire.

All added to my "test tile" I''ve leared a few things, 1, sandbags to big, not to cut them in half, they look like 50kg bags next to 28mm figures. 2 barbwire loops were to small, dosn't look right next to 28mm soldiers. 3 to green uniforms, even after a desperat addage of ink they look more like WW1 US marines then Tommies. I got a few new paints today, and will try again.
I also learned not to push the "sandbags" to hard, here they look like they are empty of sand, deflated balloons.

These sandbags looks better, but barbedwire loops to small


Phil said...

Great pictures, very atmospheric, the ground is perfect!

Johns Miniatures said...

Great start! :)

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, still waiting on some supplies, to continue