Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Poor men at arms

 So I got a package from fireforge a time ago, 2 boxes of fireforge men at arms and 1 of foot serjants. Started work on one of the man at arms boxes. I decided to paint them as not low quality, but low on money, They might be hardcore vetrans, but they are poor men.

I'm kinda torn about these, on one side they do look cool, and looks like the cliche of medeival warriors. but then again, they look like cliche medeival soldiers, The whole dirty and brown. I know better I know the medieval period was very colorfull. So What I did to try and counter it, is quite a few of them do have color, blue, green ect. But it's light "weak" colors. Because the stronger the pigment the more expencive, so they do have color, but it's not strong.

But muddy they indeed are, armor is blackend barrle C, with agrax earthshade ink, and then a highlight of same blackned barrle. The surecoat is simple to, a color, same agrax ink, then a highlight of same color. I must say I love the agrax earthshade, so far the only ink I have ever liked, I still only use it in spesific figures, as I'm still mildly anti ink.
 First 6 of 12, the next 12 will have mele weapons I think,
 They are going to be generic merc cav, to be used with any force, one day they are Mercs for norway, another for england, or france, or scotland.
 I like the guy closest to the camera, a very light green, green/grey/white.
 I'm painting the next 2 today, I think I need one with red, but all my reds are quite strong tones.
I hope I finish this unit, I havn't finished one since the 24 medieval spearmen.


Phil said...

Love these "dirty and brown" troops, nice job!

Neil Scott said...

A nice looking unit, I like the colours you have used

Ubique Matt said...

Nice group of figures, suitably worn out looking.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys!

Johns Miniatures said...

They look good :)