Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Na na na na na na na na... SAMURAI!

 So I started to play Shogun 2 again, so naturaly I had to paint samurai. I orderd a unit of ashigaru, but lukely I found a pack and  a half of samurai with yari. I still suck at painting the sashimon.

I also had 4 hours on the bus yesterday and made some megalomaniac planes for my Takeda force. In total it would have 11 ashigaru units, 5 foot samurai, 5 mounted samurai, 1 shoei, and 2 skrimish units. total some 684ish figures. Never going to happen, but it was something I dreamed about on the bus.
 First of 4 bases, all units will be 24 figures(if I ever finish one) No armor is the same on theise samurai. One of my "divisons" will be under Yamagata Masakage, so that division will all have red armor.
 Some of theise look ok, others no so much, I have great problems with actualy getting the lacing right, I found the details on the lacing very shallow and hard to pic up
Still for a distance they look good.

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