Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Poor Men at Arms Done!

 So this is the first unit I have finished since late October, that means first unit I have finished for 3 and a half months. I need to shape up, and actualy start finishing units!

A 12 man unit of low priced men at arms. they could be hard vetran fighters so not bad quality, just less showy. It was easy painting, the whole unit looks good, but the indevidual figures are cheaply done, inks and few colors ect.

The next unit up are spearmen, again fireforge, having a hard time making shieldwalls, they poses are so dynamic, Works great for single figure basing, but making units is kinda hard.
I also did a small conversion work on one of the horses. I wanted to make a Freisian horse. So one of the horses, got a long main and hoof beards.
 I found this is the only combo of bases that work, any other, and people get lances in the back of the head, or ass of the horse.
The closest horse is the Friesan.


Neil Scott said...

great looking unit

Engel said...

They do look great all together like this.

But you should really really paint the sides of the bases... It wil do wonders to the overall effect.

Cheers and keep painting/ Jonas

TamsinP said...

Nice looking MAAs mate :)

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Lovely work. Basing long pointy weapons is always challenging.

Johns Miniatures said...

Great looking unit!

Gunfreak said...

Engel, thanks, I keep forgetting to do that, some of my bases are brown on the sides, so no need, but the plastic aren't so I forget about the sides.

Thanks to the rest of you to for the comments.