Friday, April 3, 2015

Mounted Samurai

 First half of the mounted samurai is done. My mounted units will be  mounted smaurai with foot retainers.

Again for my Masakage division no two are completly the same.

The finished unit will be 13 mounted and 5 foot.
 The unit has a mix of nigata, yari(most have yari) and katana.

 I like the sea of sashimo.

It was very bright out side today, lovely weather. But had to dial the light down alot in photoshop.


Phil said...

Well done, great looking Samurais!

Al said...

Very cool! What rules do you use? What is the figure to man ratio?

Gunfreak said...

They are based for pike and shotte/hail ceasar så no figure ratio, just abstract units of men.